who we are:

The Firehouse Church is a family that loves Jesus Christ, loves our neighbors, and wants to share the Good News with everyone who will hear it. We are a family of ordinary people in all demographics, from many different spiritual and church and non-church backgrounds, each with our own unique challenges, obstacles, hurts, and wounds, as well as gifts, joys, and passions!


Our church is designed around having real and meaningful relationships with the Living Creator, the God of the Bible. He is described as being "a consuming fire" and also as passionate about His relationship with you. We each desire to get to know and worship God with reverence and awe in response to His loving and holy presence.

Speaking through the prophet Jeremiah, God declares, "Is not My Word like fire?" God's Word has the ability to passionately motivate, supernaturally inspire, radically transform, and mysteriously melt even the hardest of hearts. Therefore, we strive to teach life transforming Truth from the Bible in ways that are relevant and helpful for living in our culture. The Bible is inspired by God and useful for teaching us how to live, how to experience God's best for us, and how to prepare for eternity. Jesus said, "My house will be called a house of prayer" and His first disciples were "continually devoting themselves to prayer." Although often overlooked or underestimated, we know prayer to be essential for life and for accomplishing our mission in this world.