who we are:

The Firehouse Church is a family that serves Jesus Christ, loves our neighbors, and shares the Good News with everyone who wants to hear it. We're simply a bunch of ordinary people from many different church and non-church backgrounds, each with unique challenges, obstacles, hurts, and wounds, as well as gifts, joys, and passions! Everyone in our family is on their own faith journey to discover how to be right with God and live under His best plan for us.


Why are we called "The Firehouse?" No, we don't meet in an old fire station (but we are fond of our garage-like building). Instead, the God of the Bible is described as being "a consuming fire," which means He has a passion to know you and be known by you. We desire to discover and worship God with reverence and awe in response to His loving and holy presence. Also, God has asked, "Is not My Word like fire?" The Bible has the ability to passionately motivate, supernaturally inspire, radically transform, and mysteriously melt even the hardest of hearts. Therefore, we strive to habitually teach its life-transforming Truth in ways that are relevant, compassionate, and practical in our culture. And finally, God commands us to "be merciful to those who doubt; snatch others from the fire and save them." We see that He has called us to be on a rescue mission to show mercy and love. We are all like junk cars--destined for (eternal) destruction--but God offers us hope and a free opportunity to be saved.

It's our desire that you will come join our family. We hope to see you soon!